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As human populations continue to grow, so do the number of critically endangered species around the world. At Black Rhino, our mission is to help bridge the gap between the world of blockchain and endangered species conservation. Introducing endangered species conservation projects to opportunities in blockchain, while providing a simple method for everyday users to support projects around the world. We do this in order to find better, more sustainable solutions for endangered species populations currently in critical situations.

The Black Rhino ecosystem has three main components: A blockchain powered fundraising platform, Exclusive NFTs, and a native cryptocurrency token.

Black Rhino Token

The native cryptocurrency token for the Black Rhino Ecosystem which allows holders to directly support endangered species conservation around the world. More info. coming soon.

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The Black Rhino Fundraising platform enables everyday users to support endangered species conservation efforts utilizing cryptocurrencies. This is done through donating to individual causes or through custom personalized fundraising portals.


A cryptocurrency token that directly supports non-profit Exclusive NFTs released in collaboration with endangered species conservation projects from around the world, directly support conservation projects. More info. coming soon.

Token Breakdown

Each token sale follows the distribution specified below

  • Pre-Sale
  • IDO
  • Advisors
  • Reserve + Liquidity
  • Team + Developers
  • Marketing + Operations
  • Community + Rewards


The Black Rhino Fundraising platform is a unique concept which enables everyday users to support endangered species conservation efforts utilizing cryptocurrencies. This is done through donations and/or through custom personalized fundraising portals. The platform is a web-based application that facilitates transactions using a set of approved coins and tokens. The purpose of The Black Rhino Fundraising Platform is to provide a simple, seamless, end-to-end solution for donations and fundraising campaigns utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology. The platform will aim to solve issues faced by many who wish to support endangered species conservation, as well as organizations that were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic who are looking to increase revenue and/or funding for projects. Some of these issues include: anonymity, security, ensuring proper allocation of funds, and more. More info. coming soon.



Featuring exclusive works, our nft collections are curated in collaboration with non-profit conservation organizations around the world. Proceeds from our collections go towards supporting our partner non-profit organizations that work to protect endangered species.



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